Yellow Zinc Plating, Trivalent Passivation & Hexavalent Chromate

Yellow Zinc Plating Metrics and Specifications

trivalent yellow

hexavalent yellow


Attractive Iridescent Yellow Cast
Bold Iridescent Gold/Yellow Color

Corrosion Protection:

Min 120hrs to White Corrosion
Min 96hrs to White Corrosion

Heat Resistance:


RoHS Compliant:


Line Availability:

Rack and Barrel
Rack and Barrel

metrics and specifications

Trivalent Yellow

Appearance: Attractive Iridescent Yellow
Corrosion Protection: Min 120 hrs to White Corrosion
Durability: Excellent
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Line Availability: Rack and Barrel

hexavalent yellow

Appearance: Bold Iridescent Gold/Yellow Color
Corrosion Protection: Min 96hrs to White Corrosion
Durability: Good
RoHS Compliant: No
Line Availability: Rack and Barrel
Great Lakes Metal Finishing, Inc has two zinc yellow plating options; trivalent yellow and hexavalent yellow. Our unique trivalent yellow passivate is ideal for our customers who require their products to be ultraviolet (UV) stable as our coatings do not contain dye. This feature ensures that the electroplated parts will stay true to color in the sunlight. The trivalent passivate iridescent yellow cast will visually compare with the hexavalent chromate color, however the hexavalent chromate has self-healing properties in the event that small scratches occur.

Topcoats or Torque ‘N’ Tension coatings can be applied to both trivalent and hexavalent yellow products.

How do we meet customer’s expectations?

Great Lakes Metal Finishing, Inc strives to give our customers exactly what their parts need and even exceed their expectations. The majority of the work performed at GLMF is plated to a customer’s individual zinc or zinc nickel plating specifications. No matter the plating thickness, bake cycle, chromate, or salt spray requirement, GLMF will deliver exactly what is required to meet your specifications. If you do not know what is needed for your part, we will collaborate with you to find the appropriate zinc nickel or zinc electroplating that is necessary.

How do we ensure yellow zinc plating specifications are met?

GLMF performs on-site daily testing of our cleaners, acids, plating tanks, passivates, and chromates to ensure they are all in compliance with ideal operating parameters. To ensure your parts are getting the proper plating deposit for every job, our operators complete online thickness checks using one of our x-ray machines. In addition to online checks, all parts pass through our quality department for a final inspection of appearance and thickness. This final step helps to ensure proper plating specifications were met.

Find Your Industry:

Our automated rack and barrel line capabilities – combined with our proprietary chemistry – make our yellow trivalent passivate and yellow hexavalent chromate conversion coating optimal for industries including, but not limited to:

  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • HVAC
  • Industrial
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Outdoor Equipment
  • Hardware & Fastener Production
    • Bolts
    • Contactors
    • Consumer products
    • Mechanical parts
    • Nuts

How long does it take to turnaround parts?

Generally, Great Lakes Metal Finishing can turn your parts around in 48–72 hours. If a bake or multiple bakes are required, we will need approximately 72–96 hours to have your parts ready.

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Without a zinc electro-coating, rapid corrosion is inevitable. With it, your parts are protected.