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Great Lakes Metal Finishing, Inc. was incorporated in June of 1994, specializing in wire goods. We currently service the needs of customers in Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio, as well as specialized metal finishing for companies throughout the United States and Mexico. The surface finishes we produce provide corrosion resistance, scratch and wear resistance, electrical insulation, cleanliness, and aesthetic enhancement.  We are also one of the few metal finishing companies with the Zinklad certification.

An Exceptional Zinc and Zinc Nickel Electroplating, Trivalent Black, Trivalent Yellow, Trivalent Clear Metal Finishing Company

Great Lakes Metal Finishing, Inc offers both trivalent black and hexavalent black chromate as two of our many options for zinc plating services. GLMF’s tight tolerance metal finishing work can accommodate individual zinc or zinc nickel plating specifications. We can achieve the desired plating thickness, bake cycle, chromate, or salt spray requirement for automotive metal plating, industrial, military olive drab plating, and appliance applications. Our quality olive drab metal coating sets us apart from most metal finishing companies. We also offer trivalent yellow zinc plating, hexavalent yellow and trivalent clear metal coatings. Our unique trivalent yellow passivate is ideal for our customers who require their products to be ultraviolet (UV) stable as our coatings do not contain dye.

certifications and affiliations

Great Lakes Metal Finishing, Inc. is one of the few companies that utilize ZinKlad quality standards. ZinKlad eliminates the use of Hexavalent Chrome and in many cases provides corrosion protection superior to prior processes. Further, all of Great Lakes Metal Finishing’s trivalent chromates are RoHS Compliant.

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