From a manufacturing standpoint, zinc electroplating on zinc die cast parts can be one of the more uniquely difficult processes companies work through. Great Lakes Metal Finishing has developed a one-of-a-kind internal cleaning process with a product fallout below 1%– oftentimes, as low as .5%–. GLMF is capable of zinc plating for both aesthetic and functional values, as well as to a majority of product specifications. This includes a variety of automotive and military specifications including ASTM B633 and MIL STD 171.

Electroplating with zinc differs from electroless plating as it is technically a form of electrochemistry. Electroplating utilizes electrolyte, electrodes, and a current to deposit a very thin layer of metal atoms over the surface of your product in order to provide one or more of the many benefits of electroplating with zinc. This can include an enhanced appearance, increased adhesion, greater resistance to wear.

Why Choose a Zinc Electroplating Company for Decorative & High Industrial Finishings 

Zinc is the most common material used for plating, and zinc electroplating specifically is the most common process used in galvanization–the general process of zinc coating. As an electroplating material, zinc is known to be simultaneously dense and durable, making it ideal for both decorative and functional use. Zinc casting alloys are stronger than most molded polymers, and its hardness, dimensional stability, and self-lubrication capabilities make it perfect for gears and other mechanical pieces. The metal also has a low melting point that requires less energy from manufacturers.

Zinc is also compatible with a wide array of finishes, from chemical conversion treatments to sprayed and baked polymers. As a whole, many manufacturers choose zinc plating for the strength and malleability it provides over other metals. Due to its high ductility, zinc is capable of withstanding pressure and expansion without fracturing during the die casting process, leaving our experts with a stronger and more resistant piece. There are many reasons to consider zinc electroplating your product. From its electrical and thermal conductivity to its high precision capabilities for intricate projects, the positive characteristics are endless.

Zinc Plating on Zinc Die Cast Parts for the Automotive, Industrial & Military Industries

It may seem peculiar to apply zinc electroplating to zinc die cast parts, but this process actually serves a wide array of applications. Some may use zinc electroplating for an aesthetic purpose, such as achieving a better color for their product, while many utilize the metal for its versatility and anti-corrosion properties. This is especially true for small pieces, screws, fasteners and other hardware found in military defense applications. GLMF offers superior plating that can be upheld to specifications including ASTM A-967, ASTM B-633, and MIL STD-171. 

Another large portion of our zinc on zinc plating services, aside from military-grade applications, is involved in the automotive industry. However, they have also been used for locking mechanisms, interior door handles, and window and panel trim. Due to its ability to achieve such high aesthetic value, over 25% of all zinc plating is done for the automotive industry. Zinc electroplating has been used for engine parts, power steering components, brake components, and aesthetic pieces for interior systems, such as air conditioning, sunroofs, seat belts, and fuel systems. GLMF’s zinc electroplating process also serves the industrial industry for producing smooth finishes. Zinc is ideal for nuts, bolts, and metal brackets, as well as a pre-painting undercoating on certain surfaces in the industrial industry.

The Difficulties of Zinc Electroplating on Zinc Die Cast Parts

Earlier, we described zinc electroplating on zinc die cast parts as one of the more difficult processes we encounter, and there are a number of reasons for that. First and foremost, we only have one shot at processing zinc electroplating on zinc die casts before the piece will be affected by stripping. Additionally, zinc on zinc processing can occasionally create a diffusion issue that discolors products due to a difference in consistency between the zinc die cast and zinc electroplating.

Quality Zinc Electroplating for the Automotive & Military Industries 

Great Lakes Metal Finishing are not only leaders in zinc electroplating but specialists when it comes to zinc plating on zinc die cast parts for automotive and military-grade applications. Our experts are capable of meeting any specifications or requirements you provide. Zinc is a quality metal that is often less expensive than other alloys, making it economical and effective for both aesthetic and practical purposes. It is also compatible with embossing for mechanical manufacturing purposes. With its anti-corrosion properties at the forefront, the zinc plating provided by Great Lakes Metal Finishing is perfect for your next electroplating project.